My Why

Iris and Driftwood
Pretty sight on my way from the parking area to where I work

I’ve been asking a few people to take a look at my website, mostly my family, friends, and random coworkers (and I appreciate that you took the time to do so!). Because you looked, I’ve been asked why I started this website.

There are a few reasons. First, I want accountability. This is a self-imposed deadline to show some of my work to the world. The easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to do that is a blog.

The second reason is to start a conversation. I am extremely opinionated and passionate about my subjects – creativity, writing, photography, and just getting off your ass and doing stuff you care about. Comments are always welcome.

The last subject is my final and most important reason for starting over as a blogger. I need to get off my ass and put in the time on the many projects that I care about.

It’s time to stop waiting for someone else to come along and fix everything that’s fucked up in my life and just do it myself. I don’t need to be rich and I don’t want to be famous, but I’m sure I can do better than I have up until now. My path is clear – get rid of all the junk I don’t need (less stuff = more money, more on this someday), and spend more time on the projects I love (which automatically cuts excess junk from my life to save money for important stuff like new camera gear and road trips).

I couldn't stop taking photos of the iris and buttercups growing together!
I couldn’t stop taking photos of the iris and buttercups growing together!

Other than that? Just keep living, writing, and taking photos. And posting the results.

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