What Do I Mean When I Say “Create”?

By Marsh Lake

I’m always urging someone to create something. Most people think I mean they should write, and in a few cases, that’s true. I know people who give great advice, and, in my opinion, should definitely be blogging and helping others. I also know people who love to take photos but don’t take very many because they might not turn out. So what? If you love the process, go for it.

Naturally, I want these people to create. But what am I really saying when I urge people to create something? I want them to be spontaneous, adventurous, and inventive. Most of all, I’m hoping they’ll do something they love.

Write, take photos, paint, sculpt, etc. Yes, all of those, but the point is to make something beautiful that didn’t exist before you made it. What you create isn’t as important as that you create – that being said, I still oppose rock stacking and graffiti without permission. Create beauty, don’t ruin something for the next person.

Writing might be the ultimate form of creation to me, because it can take so many forms. You can write a book, a blog, a Facebook update or a Tweet, poetry, product descriptions, a letter or email, or an advertising campaign.

You can create through crafting. Make a quilt or crochet an afghan. Knit a sweater. Design clothes.

Music is creation. Play an instrument, sing, write a song.

You can create by decorating your house or designing the landscaping, even planning a garden. Digging in the dirt can be creative. I know this because a 4-year-old told me so (he actually said “fun” instead of creative).

You could create through cooking. I know a lot of really inventive cooks. Cooking can be an art form, and not just if you master French cuisine.

Even parenting can be creative. I’m guessing the 4-year-old who enlightened me about the fun of digging in the dirt has creative parents. They certainly weren’t losing their minds about how filthy he was getting while playing in the mud.

Animal rescue can be creative. My mother just captured a couple of tiny feral kittens that will soon become pampered pets. It just took inventive use of tuna and a couple traps.

Everything can have a potentially creative element. There’s no need to do things the same way as everyone else unless that’s what you really want – to be the same as everyone else.

Choose to approach life more creatively. Add your creative spark to all that you do.

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